CHR- Publications

The Rights of Children in Ethiopia Empirical Investigations from Multidisciplinary Perspectives 2016

Judicial Application of the Best Interest of the Child Principle in Ethiopia May 2016

Gender and Human Rights Teaching Manual 2015

Impact Assessment Report on the Draft National Child Policy of Ethiopia (2011) January 2014

Ethiopians Growth and Transformation Plan and the Rights of Children May 2014

Ethiopian and Wider African Perspectives on Human Rights and Good Governance June 2014

Curriculum Assessment on the Integration of Child Rights into the Curricula of Social Science Graduate Programs at AAU July 2014

Access to Justice in Ethiopia May 2014

Assessment of Legal Aid in Ethiopia December 2013 

Baseline Study for a Comprehensive Child Law in Ethiopia September 2013

Ethiopian Human Rights Handbook January 2013

Human Rights Research A practical Guidebook on Methodology and Methods 2013

Handbook on the Rights of the Child in Ethiopia 2012

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