Addis Ababa University Center for Human Rights (CHR) in the College of Law and Governance Studies organized a five days long training on Media Freedom and Human Rights at Ghion hotel from Nov 18 –Nov 22, 2019.

The training focused on the international and Ethiopian domestic standards related to press freedom and its legitimate limitations regarding human rights.

Christope Van der Beken (PhD), Associate professor at Center for Human Rights in AAU and a, project coordinator for Multidisciplinary Human Rights Education and Training sub project, in his opening speech said the Center for Human Rights is a department that focuses on teaching, research and consultancy services in the area of human rights and the center tries to approach human rights from different disciplinary perspectives.

Van der Beken said ‘’The Center is currently implementing a three years STRACE project (strengthening Teaching, Research and community Engagement) mainly focuses on venerable communities in Ethiopia which is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Swedish Development Cooperation.

‘’Media can be used as a tool to create awareness, to inform people about human rights and also indirectly holding the government to be accountable by pointing out specific issues in the societies” Van der Beken said.

Van der Beken also noted that media can play a very important role in the protection of vulnerable communities in Ethiopian society.

The training mainly focused on Freedom Expression and the Law plus Media Ethics,and Journalism.

 Mesenbet Assefa (PhD), Assistant Professor of Law and Nigussie Meshesha (PhD) Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication (Political and Development Communication) were the presenters.

Representatives from diverse media houses and professionals from different organizations having direct attachments with human rights and media have attended the five days long training.

At the end of the training Christope Van der Beken expressed his gratitude to both the trainers and trainees for their commitment and award certificates for the trainees.

Netsanet Merete November 26, 2019