Addis Ababa University (AAU), College of Law and Governance Studies (CLGS), celebrated the 70th anniversary of the University at Ras Mekonnen Hall, AAU Main Campus, on the 11th of March 2021.

Celebration of the anniversary under CLGS was endowed with introducing the first PhD graduate of the law school; recognition of scholars who have served the college for more than 25 years since its establishment and announcement of law school students’ alumni formation.

Solomon Nigussie, Dean for College of Law and Governance Studies, reportedly said during the occasion that CLGS is a pioneer for modern legal education in our country; it is gradually developed from the lowest certificate awarding programs to the PhD level now; and is also ambitious to start post doctoral programs as well as to increase research outputs.

According to Dr. Solomon, providing assistance to the Federal Supreme Court; being part of the capacity building of court judges by allowing them to learn in one of the master’s programs of the College; insuring the sustainability of carrying out thematic research and publishing outputs; providing free legal aid and others were the major achievements of the College.

 “As expected, the law school will continue to grow and the country will continue to bear fruits from it. One way to do this is to revise the quality, the content and the relevance of the existing programs from first to third degrees. The undergraduate program in particular should be in line with the current curriculum revision of the country. It should be examined whether it enables to apply and protect the rule of law independently,” Dr. Solomon clarified on the future direction of the College.

Dr. Solomon finally said that the College has got a drafted policy document which guides to increase internal revenue aimed to cover at least some sort of its expenses basically for publications. The law students’ alumni formation of that event is one part of this intention, he said.

Abdi Jibril (PhD), Head of the Law School, on his part mentioned that the School celebrates its 58th birthday while AAU is commencing the 70th anniversary. The School has taught a number of distinguished scholars throughout times and now is trying to join them together via an Alumni Support Group to help them back support their institution, he added.

Professor Tilahun Teshome, one of the scholars who the College recognized on the day, forwarded his lifelong experiences specific to the School of Law.

According to Prof Tilahun, the school went through a lot of hardships for several reasons; the School was sometimes forced to accept and teach unqualified personnel which made it under the issue of pressure from various governments and caused for the failure of educational quality.

However, the School has succeeded magnificent achievements for the country; many self-proclaimed scholars have been created in this institution, he said, mentioning Colonel Goshu Wolde and Aseffa Chabo as some among the best Lawyers in the world.

College of Law and Governance Studies is one of the Colleges of Addis Ababa University which was reorganized in 2012 to comprise of three academic units: the School of Law, Center for Human Rights and the Center for Federalism and Governance Studies.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene