Admission for PhD Program

Admission decisions to the PhD program shall be based on educational results and merits required by the CHRS. In line with the national priority accorded to the expansion of higher education, the CHRS may, in admitting students to its graduate program, accord precedence to candidates from public higher education institutions.

For admission to the PhD program at the CHRS, an applicant must have attained a master’s degree in programs focusing on economics, management, history, human rights, law, philosophy, political science, public administration, social anthropology, sociology or other related fields in social sciences from an accredited university.

The CHRS will prepare special entrance examination (oral and written) to evaluate an applicant’s substantive knowledge, research skills and language proficiency.

In line with the University’s Senate Legislation that permits for flexibility, the minimum annual intake to the program shall be determined by the Academic Commission of the CHRS– taking into consideration the number of senior academic staff, availability of space and demand for training.

Applications for admission to the PhD program must be submitted to the CHRS on a prescribed form which shall be administered in conjunction with the University’s Registrar. The following items must be attached to the application form:

  • project proposal on a subject of interest to human rights which serves for admission evaluation purposes;
  • documentation of educational qualifications that forms the basis for the application;
  • evidence that majority of grades earned at masters level are A’s; that A thesis grade is of at least ‘Very Good’ or equivalent [a thesis grade of ‘Good’ might be accepted provided that the applicant can submit proof of publication of two journal articles in reputed outlets or book chapters in reputed publishers];
  • funding plan;
  • undertaking for full-time availability during the study period; and
  • documentationof major scholarly resources;

An applicant may be admitted to the Ph.D. program at any time of the year, but shall normally enroll for formal studies at the beginning of the semester following admission.

 Decisions Regarding Admission

Each year, in consultation with the Head of the Center and the PhD Program Coordinator, the CHRS establishes a special committee that decides on admissions.

The decisions shall be based on the overall assessment of the application.

The CHRS may establish specific admission criteria for its program– which may relate to the special area of a PhD concentration – and may rank qualified applicants on that basis, if the number of applicants exceeds capacity.

The decision regarding admission shall specify the admission period for the program and the name of at least one academic supervisor.

Admission Period

The PhD program shall have a stipulated length of four years of full-time study – including at least 25% teaching or related assignment in the University.

An admitted doctoral student must register at the beginning of each semester. Failure to maintain continuous registration without officially withdrawing from a program shall lead to drop-out from the program.

Extension of the duration of study may be allowed only where an admitted student shows that s/he is unable to complete studies within the specified period due to force majeure, including statutory leaves of absence and compulsory duties. Such extension must be recommended by the CHRS’s Council of Graduate Studies/Academic Commission and endorsed by the College’s Academic Commission.