Call for Application for the Preparation of a Textbook on Business and Human Rights (BHR)

  1. Background

The Center for Human Rights of Addis Ababa University (hereafter the Center) is currently implementing a three-year project to support its core activities. In the context of this project, the Center wants to prepare textbooks to meet the educational needs of its students and of other graduate students enrolled in human rights modules across the country. Well-prepared textbooks support the teaching-learning process since they assist teachers in transmitting subject matter knowledge to students and help the latter to deepen and develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Textbooks developed in the context of this multidisciplinary human rights project should therefore provide adequate content knowledge as well as be instrumental in developing higher cognitive skills (such as critical thinking, analysis, evaluation) and instilling a human rights sensitive attitude.

Based on a needs assessment, the Center has decided to prepare a textbook on “Business and Human Rights”.

The anticipated textbook should discuss the nexus between business and human rights and include case studies from around the world. It should  include the history of the international movement to make business entities respect human rights, the international attempt and failure to create legal duties for transnational business entities, the UN work and renewed international discourse on business and human rights, examine and analyze corporate activities and their effects on human rights, issues of human rights violations by domestic and foreign business entities in Ethiopia, the actual and possible measures taken and the challenges the country is facing in this regard.

The Business and Human Rights textbook (BHRT) should explore questions such as the human rights obligations of businesses, the manner in which human rights are affected by businesses, the specific linkages with labor rights and the ever elusive quest for accountability.

Accordingly, the Center wants to recruit an expert/author (or a team of experts) to prepare this textbook.


  1. Qualification of the Author(s)
  • The author should have an educational qualification of at least Master’s / PhD degree in law.
  • The author should have a solid background in human rights and business related research and teaching with a particular focus on Ethiopia.
  • The author should have a good publication record in English. Experience with preparing teaching materials and textbooks will be given particular consideration.
  • The author has the ability to work efficiently and respect deadlines.


  1. Fees and Payment

The author will be paid a total of Birr 120,000.00 (One hundred twenty thousand). If the application has been made by a team of two persons, each applicant will be paid Birr 60,000 (Sixty thousand) subject to taxation. The professional fee will be paid in two installments. Fifty percent (50%) will be paid after the first complete draft document is submitted to the sub-project coordinator. The remaining fifty percent (50%) shall be paid upon incorporating comments and feedback’s given by the Center.

Interested and qualified applicants can send their application letter (including CV) on or before August 17, 2019 to ( or (

Applicants can either apply individually or as a team.