Call for Application for the Preparation of a Textbook on Human Rights and the Administration of Criminal Justice in Ethiopia

  1. Background

The Center for Human Rights of Addis Ababa University (hereafter the Center) is currently implementing a three-year project to support its core activities. In the context of this project, the Center wants to prepare textbooks to meet the educational needs of its students and of other graduate students enrolled in human rights modules across the country. Well-prepared textbooks support the teaching-learning process since they assist teachers in transmitting subject matter knowledge to students and help the latter to deepen and develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Textbooks developed in the context of this multidisciplinary human rights project should therefore provide adequate content knowledge as well as be instrumental in developing higher cognitive skills (such as critical thinking, analysis, evaluation) and instilling a human rights sensitive attitude.

Based on a needs assessment, the Center has decided to prepare a textbook on “human rights and the administration of criminal justice in Ethiopia”.

The anticipated textbook should discuss the administration of criminal justice in Ethiopia from a human rights perspective. It focuses on the norms and practices pertaining to the administration of criminal justice by different actors such as police, prosecution, courts and prison administrations and assesses to what extent these are aligned and comply with the human rights obligations Ethiopia has committed itself to. A criminal justice system that respects and protects human rights is instrumental in generating popular trust in the justice system, which is required for it to play an effective role in upholding the rule of law and hence protecting the human rights of the residents at large. A just – and thus human right based – criminal justice system plays an important role in strengthening state legitimacy and promoting societal harmony. A just criminal justice system is also important for the protection of the inherent dignity (and, hence, human rights) of the people subjected to it. Constitutionally and internationally protected human rights that are particularly at risk – and that have been frequently violated – are the right to liberty, the right not to be tortured, and the rights of arrested, accused and imprisoned persons. While some of the violations are due to flawed or the absence of adequate normative provisions and arrangements, most are caused by lack of implementation of the existing normative framework. Such disregard has been caused by staff capacity limitations, socio-economic constraints and political motivations. Bearing in mind the urgency of addressing these issues in the country, a textbook providing an overview of the theory and practice of criminal justice administration in Ethiopia through a human rights lens is highly needed.


Accordingly, the Center wants to recruit an expert/author to prepare this textbook.


  1. Qualification of the Author
  • The author should have an educational qualification of at least Master’s / PhD degree in law.
  • The author should have a solid background in human rights and criminal justice related research and teaching with a particular focus on Ethiopia.
  • The author should have a good publication record in English. Experience with preparing teaching materials and textbooks will be given particular consideration.
  • The author has the ability to work efficiently and respect deadlines.


  1. Fees and Payment

The author will be paid Birr 120,000. 00 (One hundred twenty thousand), subject to taxation. The professional fee will be paid in two installments. Fifty percent (50%) will be paid after the first complete draft document is submitted to the sub-project coordinator. The remaining fifty percent (50%) shall be paid upon incorporating comments and feedbacks given by CHR.

Interested and qualified applicants can send their application letter (including CV) on or before July 11, 2019 to ( or (