Call for Application for the Preparation of a Training Manual and for Offering Training on Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons

  1. Background

The Center is currently implementing a three-year project to support its core activities. The Center under the Project aims to offer short-term training in human rights, particularly the human rights of vulnerable communities. The short term-training target high and mid-level government and civil society leaders and officials. The training aim to engender greater awareness and knowledge about human rights as well as to provide the target audience of the training with the necessary skills to address the specific human rights issues of the concerned marginalized communities. By doing this, the training aim to strengthen the implementation of the existing human rights protection mechanisms as well as to identify the gaps so that necessary steps towards fulfilling the rights of marginalized communities can be taken. The training are designed as specialized postgraduate training which will entitle the participants, upon successful completion, to a certificate. The Center aims to institutionalize these training so that their sustainability is guaranteed even after the expiry of the project.

One of these specialized training will focus on the rights of internally displaced persons in Ethiopia. This topic is strongly aligned with the focus of the project on vulnerable communities and is highly relevant and urgent in the Ethiopian context. Millions of Ethiopians have been displaced from their homes in the past years, mainly because of serious human rights violations with an ethnic dimension, i.e. violations targeting individuals with particular ethnic identities. Not only does the Ethiopian State have the obligation to address the human rights violations prompting internal displacement, it furthermore has the duty to respect, protect and fulfill the human rights of people who are already displaced. Internally displaced people are particularly vulnerable to such human rights violations as discrimination, violation of due process rights (such as arbitrary detention), sexual and gender based violence, forced labor, and to the violation of a myriad of social and economic rights. The training will focus on the international (UN) and continental (AU) legal and policy framework pertinent for internally displaced people and discuss the resultant human rights obligations in the Ethiopian context.

The target audience for this training would be employees of different ministries (and their regional counterparts) such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, and the Federal Police. Staff members of civil society organizations and of international organizations working with and for internally displaced people would also be interested.

Accordingly, the Center wants to recruit two qualified and motivated consultants (with different disciplinary backgrounds) who will collaborate as a team to prepare a training manual and to offer a short-term training (a-five -days training) on the human rights of internally displaced persons in Ethiopia.

The preparation of the manual and of the training sessions requires close collaboration and coordination between the two team members.

  1. Qualification/Profile of the Consultants

 A Master’s/PhD degree in Law, human rights, political science, sociology, social work, anthropology, or related fields.

The consultants should have a solid background in human rights related research and teaching.

The consultants should have a good publication record in English. Experience with preparing training materials and handbooks will be given particular consideration.

The consultants should have a commitment and demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative environment.

  1. Fees and Payment

Each consultant/author shall be paid a professional fee of Birr 30,000(thirty thousand) for developing the manual and Birr 25,000(twenty five thousand) for offering the training, together a total of Birr 55, 000 (fifty five thousand), subject to taxation.  

Interested and qualified applicants should mail only their application letter including CV on or before 13 June to /