Call for Application of proposal to present on the national policy dialogue under the theme Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Democratic Election in Ethiopia

The Center for Human Rights of Addis Ababa University has been hosting national policy dialogue forums on various issues. This year’s national policy dialogue forum will focus on the interplay amongst rule of law, human rights and democratic election in Ethiopia. This is essential not just as a conceptual level but also as a matter of multifaceted practical national significance in view of the upcoming Ethiopian election. The main aim of the forum is to create a platform for stakeholders including academics, practitioners, and key institutional actors for dialogue on policy, legal and institutional issues.

It is designed as a two days interactive program where in ‘issue papers’ are presented by selected scholars/institutional stakeholders to facilitate discussion and generate essential inputs for the development of policy brief that informs decision makers. Each ‘issue paper’ is expected to provide a critical analysis of the fundamental issues under the selected sub-theme along with key findings. Hence the Center invites interested applicants to submit their proposal to prepare and present a paper as well as submit a policy brief on any of the sub-themes under the overarching theme “Rule of Law, Human Rights, and Democratic Election in Ethiopia.”

The sub-themes of the Forum include:

  1. Democratic election during transition: rule of law & human rights; electoral system design in divided society (Historical & comparative)
  2. Ethiopia’s legal and institutional framework to hold democratic election (free, fair and credible):  Freedom of expression and association, rule of law and democratic elections (including an examination of the recent law on hate speech).
  3. The Players, Rules and the Arbiter in democratic elections: Emphasis on the electoral systems & laws, political parties, the Electoral Board and the judiciary
  4. Formal and informal mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of electoral dispute/conflicts (traditional and religious institutions, formal institutions including the judiciary)
  5. Social movement, human rights and democratic election
  6. Law enforcement, human rights and democratic elections: The role of federal and regional security, law enforcement and justice institutions (Attorney General and Justice Bureaus, Ministry of Peace, Police, etc.)
  7. The role of national human rights institutions in ensuring human rights and democratic elections
  8. The Role of civil society in democratic election (with focus on the new law)
  9. Participation and representation of vulnerable groups and democratic election
  10. State of emergency, human rights and democratic elections

Proposal (together with supporting documents) should be sent to Dr. Demelash Shiferaw Email: or in person to the Center before August 7, 2020.

The Center will pay modest honorarium to successful applicants upon submission and presentation of their paper as per the ToR.



Please note that the forum might be conducted virtually.


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