Call for proposal

 Human rights promotion and protection joint project

The Center for Human Rights is delighted to invite Ethiopian Universities and local human rights actors to submit joint project proposal for technical and financial support. The support will be granted on a competitive basis to a joint project (by a university and local human rights organization) that adopts holistic approach to human rights teaching, research and community based activities.


Issued 20 March 2019

Deadline for submission: 15 April 2019

Eligible applicants

 Universities in Ethiopia and local human rights organization that work in human rights teaching, research and community based activities.

 Welcome to Project STRACE

Thank you for your interest in the Human Rights Promotion and Protection Joint Project. These guidelines will help you write and submit your project proposal.

In order to apply for this project you will need to:

1. Check that you meet the eligibility requirement.

2. Submit a project proposal.

3. Include declaration statement.

4. Attach supporting document/s.



  1. Background of the project

The Center for Human Rights is an autonomous academic unit of Addis Ababa University engaged in multidisciplinary human rights teaching, research and community services. Since its establishment in 2008, the Center has been working in the area of human rights promotion, teaching-learning, research and provision of community services (such as legal aid). Currently, the Center in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Swedish Development Cooperation (Sida), is implementing a project entitled “Teaching, Research and Community Engagement”. The project aims to contribute to better protection of constitutional rights in general and rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, workers and migrants in particular, through capacity development and empowerment of state agencies and civil society organizations.

As part of its initiative of policy and action collaboration and diffusion, the Center intends to provide technical and financial support to selected projects that adopt holistic human rights teaching, research and community based activities. The project through providing technical and financial support aims to build and foster relationship between regional universities, the Center and local actors, to create shared understanding and facilitate common action for the promotion and protection of constitutional rights and the rights of women, children, persons’ with disability, workers and migrants.

  1. About the project

Based on the project objective of establishing mechanism to learn from national actors (especially among regional Universities in Ethiopia) and diffuse models and experiences of the CHR, the Center aims to provide financial and technical support to jointly designed project for promotion and protection of human rights. This project funding and technical support opportunity is intended to encourage joint initiative by local actors (such as in the areas of human rights awareness, advocacy, community participation, dialogue) and to help the actors develop capacity for promotion and protection of human rights at the local level.

III. Grant size and duration of the project

Total fund allocated for award to successful applicants eligible under this program is ETB 250, 000.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Birr). Duration for implementation of the project is a maximum of one year from signing of the project agreement.

  1. Eligibility criteria

The call is open for regional universities and local human rights actors to provide support to joint project design and implementation. Applicants that have operational presence in any part of Ethiopia except the six project sites of the Center (Adama, Addis Ababa, Ambo, Gambella, Hawassa and Semera) are eligible. Accordingly, applicants that fulfill the following requirements are eligible for financial and technical support:

  • Applicants must be organizations working outside the above listed project sites of the Centre;
  • Have operational presence in the area targeted by the project;
  • Experience in the program proposed for implementation;
  • Collaboration with local actors working on promotion and protection of human rights and
  • Need to be legally registered organization (or part of organization registered or established by law).                                                                               
  1. Guidelines for submission

The proposal should provide information on issues listed below:

  1. Organizational details: information about applicant organizations (mandate, previous experience) and persons responsible for signing and overseeing implementation of the project.
  2. Description of the proposed project. This section shall describe the aim of the project, how the need for intervention was identified and suitability of the proposed activity to the project target area and community.
  3. Description of the target groups: the proposed project activity shall target women, children, and persons with disabilities, workers and migrants in particular.
  4. Project finance: describe how you intend to use the project finance, proposed activities and mode of implementation, and the type of technical assistance you seek from the Center.
  5. Declaration: state that the information provided in the proposal is accurate and truthful and the person who signed it is authorized person.
  6. Project Monitoring: describe how you designed to monitor the proposed project activities, undertaken while the project is ongoing.
  7. Project Evaluation: describe how you intended to evaluate the proposed project  activities  positive outcomes and  assess  the  impact of your contribution  in the area targeted by the  proposed project activities.


  1. Content of the proposal

The proposal shall at least contain the following content and provide adequate description on each topic:

  • Project title
  • Name and address of implementing organizations
  • Brief description of the organizations
  • Goals and objectives of the project
  • Gaps targeted to be addressed through implementation of the project
  • Beneficiaries of the project
  • Project implementation approaches
  • Monitoring and evaluation section 
  • Cost/budget breakdown


VII. Timeline

Call launch: 20 March, 2019

– Project proposals should be sent to the coordinator before 15April, 2019

– Selection will be notified 13 May, 2019

– Signing contract and fund disbursement 20 May, 2019


VIII. Submission

Project proposal (together with supporting documents) and inquiries should be sent to Dr. Getahun Kassa. Email:


  1. Selection

Selection of project proposals will be determined based on criteria set hereunder. The criteria for selection therefore include: evidence of previous experience similar to the proposed project, relevance to the overall objective of the teaching, research and community engagement project of the Center, clarity of budget breakdown and linkage with activities and consultation and involvement of local actors.


Center for Human Rights

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Telephone + 251 111 223783


Telephone + 251 111 223783