Center for Human Rights Conducts Trainings

Center for Human Rights of Addis Ababa University under Project STRACE-CHR conducted two trainings which are community rights promoters training and human rights trainings in Addis Ababa, Adama, Ambo and Hawassa.The trainings were conducted from August 20-25,2018program for five days in Addis Ababa, Adama and Hawassaand from August 27-31, 2018 in Ambo.

The participants of community rights promoters training ¬†are drawn from membership based associations such as local elders, “idirs”, women associations, associations of persons with disabilities and labor unions to promote human rights awareness in general and the rights of women, children, workers, migrants and persons with disabilities in particular within their communities in a sustainable manner.

The community members are trained on recurrent issues encountered by targeted vulnerable groups and are equipped with skills that will enable them to undertake human rights education in general and on rights of the targeted social groups in particular and identification and collection of information on serious rights violations against the targeted social groups.

Moreover,the Center provides capacity building human rights training for local government. The government officials are trained on recurrent issues encountered by vulnerable sections of the community to equip them with  skills and knowledge essential in the protection and promotion of human rights in general and rights of the targeted vulnerable groups in particular.

Training modules on the subject matters of the two trainings were produced and used as basis for facilitation.The training programs were participatory in nature and total of 146 participants took part in the trainings among which 74 are females while 72 are males.