Community Based Human Right Promotion and Protection

This sub-project intends to strengthen community level engagement in the promotion and protection of human rights in Addis Ababa, Adama, Ambo, Hawassa, Gambella and Semera. It aims to reach out to women, children, and people with disabilities, workers and migrants who often encounter human rights violations due to their social vulnerable standings.

One of the major activities planned to be accomplished is working with community human right promoters. These are selected residents from the six sites drawn from membership based associations to promote human rights awareness in general and the rights of the above mentioned targeted social groups within their communities. Accordingly, the project plans to raise local level awareness about their rights on one hand and at the same time, enable community be aware of violence, abuse and exploitations committed against women, children, workers, persons with disabilities and migrants by organizing local awareness raising campaigns. In this regard, the project plans to provide free legal aid services including litigation so as to enable victims of extreme acts of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation to seek redress.

Through training and networking, the project also plans to strengthen the capabilities of community level membership associations’ engagement in human rights promotion and their effective participation in local government decision making processes. Moreover, the project will produce collaborative and empirically informed researches on the challenges of realizing human rights in the strategic thematic topics that integrate the grass root experiences to achieve systemic change. Hence, the project promotes model approaches and best practices in mobilizing community level involvement in human rights promotion and protection among relevant stakeholders and especially among regional universities.