Content of the PhD Education

The PhD program shall include an educational component of course-works constituted in 42ECTS.

The educational components shall provide an education of high academic standard and include training in the dissemination of academic knowledge, introduction to research ethics, the philosophy of science and scientific methods. The program offers modules that may not necessarily be related to the dissertation topics on which students work but contribute to their overall competence in understanding foundational principles and theories of relevance and research.

In line with the University’s Senate Legislation, all seminars provided as part of the PhD education shall be modular and offered in block teaching.

A student must obtain a minimum CGPA of 3.00 on completion of course-works. The completion of all course-works during Year I of the program is not absolute prerequisite for students to proceed to the defense of dissertation proposal or the writing of PhD thesis which, as a rule, shall start after the first year. The CHRS shall decide on exceptions to be made, including the duration within which unfinished course-works shall be completed.

The educational components shall normally be carried out at Addis Ababa University. But the CHRS may recognize courses, seminars and other academic activities undertaken at accredited institutions outside Addis Ababa University. The CHRS decides such components to be recognized and the type of documentation requirements that would apply.

Each PhD student must complete the mandatory modules and one of the four optional modules offered in the program as a precondition for earning a degree.

The PhD Degree shall be conferred after a successful completion of:

  • the programs’ educational component;
  • the doctoral dissertation, and
  • doctoral examination.

A doctoral examination consists of the trial lecture and public defense of the dissertation. The general examination requirements of Addis Ababa University shall apply in relation to the educational component of the PhD program.

The PhD program shall afford applicants the opportunity to choose from and write dissertations on a wide range of subject-related streams. The CHRS may each year determine the specific subject-areas that shall be open for application, while the proposed topic of an applicant’s doctoral thesis and higher educational background also influence one’s chances of admission.

The minimum ECTS requirement under the AAU Senate Legislation is 28.

Responsibility for PhD Education

The PhD education at the CHRS is under the jurisdiction of the University Senate, which decides based on recommendations from the College of Law and Governance Studies.

While the University stipulates basic rules regarding supplementary guidelines and program plans, the CHRS shall itself establish and amend additional rules and program plan for this PhD program.

The Academic Commission of the CHRS, in consultation with the Program Coordinator and the Head of the CHRS, shall make decisions regarding admission to the PhD program, worthiness for defense of a submitted thesis, and approval of a doctoral examination.

All matters relating to admission, evaluation and administration of the PhD program, arrangement of seminars, coursework and supervisors, as well as the keeping of student records shall be facilitated and managed by the CHRS.