Dr. Belay Tizazu

Belay Tizazu Mengistie studied PhD in Development and Environmental Policy / governance at Wageningen University of The Netherlands and MSc in Development studies from Addis Ababa University. He has more than ten years of experience in teaching, research, community services, and consultancy experiences in Ethiopia on different issues including environment and business, economic development, sustainability, among others. He was a short-term scholar at the UN-IDEP (African Institute for Economic Development and Planning), Dakar, Senegal (2017), University of Graz, Austria (2019) and University of Lund, Sweden (2020). He has travelled and attended and presented a number of papers in Africa (Kenya, South Africa), USA (University of Austin at Texas), Europe (The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Sweden). His research interest includes environmental rights, business and Human rights, disaster risk management, climate smart agriculture, socioeconomic development, vulnerability, environmental governance, etc and he has also a number of publications on the aforementioned areas.

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Research Interest Areas

  • PhD in Environmental Policy,  Governance and Development  from Wageningen  University of the  Netherlands, 2016

  • MA in Development Studies  from Addis Ababa University, 2008

  • MSC in Economic Geography from Addis Ababa University, 2006

  • BA in Geography and environmental studies  from Bahir Dar University, 2002

  • 2018-present: Assistant professor at College of Law and Governance Studies of Addis Ababa University

  • Sep 2011-Nov 2016: Wageningen  University and Research of the Netherlands.

  • Oct 2007 – Aug 2011: Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU

  • Oct 2005 – Aug 2008: St Mary’s University

  • Elsheday Relief Development Association Ethiopia(local NGO)  2010/11 (5 months)

  • Environmental governance: multilevel, transnational and public governance

  • Nexus of Human rights, development and environment

  • Environmental & socioeconomic issues: Migration and environment

  • New mode of governance  (multilevel, partnership and role of state, market and NGOs)

  • Governance of agro-chemicals in vegetable and flower production in sub-Saharan Africa

  • Development policy an theories,

  • Environmental policy: analysis and evaluation(input, output, outcome and impact)

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis:  procedures and strategies,

  • Social  and economic vulnerability and disaster risk management

  • Project implementation: success and failure factors


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