Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol III

Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights (Peer-reviewed)

April 2018                          Published Once A Year                          Vol. III


Women’s Property Rights and Claims in Customary Justice Systems A Case Study of Ambo and Hawassa

                                          Meron Zeleke, Tadesse Kassa and Berhanu Mossisa

The Implications of Multiple Spousal Relationships: Experience of Women in Hawassa and Adama Towns

                                            Fasil Mulatu Gessesse and Abdulatif Kedir Idris

Help Seeking Experiences of Female Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Legal and Social Protections

                                                        Anchinesh Shiferaw and Kuribachew Hailu

Rights and Reality: The working Conditions of Female Factory Workers in Selected Manufacturing Industry Sites in Ethiopia 

                                      Kokebe Wolde, Fekade Alemayehu, & Tadesse Tesfaye

 Women with Disabilities, their Challenges in Laws & Administration of Justice: Cases from Addis Ababa

                                                                     Bezawit Bekele and Yonas Mulugeta


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Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol. III