Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol-II

Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights (Peer-reviewed)

June 2015                  Published Once A Year                                     Vol. II


Rooting Life and Death in Ethiopian Law: Suggesting a Holistic Approach to Human Rights Law

                                                                                                     Abadir M. Ibrahim

What If a Quarter of a Loaf Is Not Much Better Than None? The Role of the Social Health Insurance Scheme in Promoting Access to Medicines in Ethiopia – An Overview

                                                                               Abdulkader Mohammed Yusuf 

Revitalizing the Role of Non-Governmental Human Rights Organizations in Ethiopia

                                          Fasil MulatuGessesse and Rubiyat Mohammed Seid

State Media Coverage of Highly Publicized Criminal Cases in Ethiopia and the Fair Trial Rights of the Accused

                                                                                             Tsega Andualem Gelaye


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Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Volume II