Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol.IV

Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights (Peer-reviewed)

October 2019                          Published Once A Year                              Vol. IV


Every “I” Dotted And Every “T” Crossed? : Reflections on the Joint General Comments on the Human Rights of Children in the Context of International Migration,and Their Application in The Horn of Africa

                                                                                            Benyam Dawit Mezmur

Managing Irregular Migration in Ethiopia: A Case for Policies Centering the Right to Development 

                                                        Fana Gebresenbet and Firehiwot Sintayehu

“Girls and Boys Have Become the Toys of Everyone”: Interrogating the Drivers and Experiences of Adolescent Migration in Ethiopia.

                                                            Nicola Jones, Elizabeth Presler-Marshall,                                                                           Kiya Gezahegne, and Workneh Yadete

Potential Migrants: The Overlap between Migration and Human Rights in Ethiopia

                                                                                       Felegebirhan Belesti Mihret

Ethiopia’s Refugee Policy Overhaul: Implications on the out of Camp Policy Regime and Rights to Residence, Movement and Engagement in Gainful Employment

                                                            Tadesse Kassa, Fasil Mulatu, Jaxxu Iddossa

‘Sell me the Oranges’: Change in Migrants’ Worth across the Ethiopia-Sudan Border

                                                                                                    Kiya Gezahegn           

Not My Parents House’: The Disciplining of Ethiopian Women Migrant Domestic Workers in the Gulf States

                                                                          Sehin Tefera and Joanna Busaza


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