Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol I

Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights (Peer-reviewed)

March 2013                        Published Once A Year                                   Vol. I


Justiciability of Directive Principles of State Policy in Africa: The Experiences of Ethiopia and Ghana

                                                 Abdi Jibril Ali and Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua

Beyond Universalism-Cultural Relativism Debate: Potentials of the Gada System for Legitimizing Human Rights of Women  

                                                                                             Bona LegesseGeshe

Bigamy and Women’s Land Rights: The Case of Oromia and SNNP National Regional States                                                                              


Trade Union Rights of Government Employees in Ethiopia: Long Overdue!                                                                                   

                                                                                           Desset Abebe Teferi

The Law of Affirmative Action in Ethiopia: A Framework for Dialogue                                                                

                                                                        Wondemagegn Tadesse Goshu

Notes and Reflections On Tax Foreclosure Rules and Taxpayers’ Rights to Privacy and of Access to Justice                        


Opinion/Experience Legal Advice and Information in Malawi and Ethiopia: Access to Justice for Poor People           

                                               Gillian Long  Developments in Human Rights

 Ethiopia’s First National Human Rights Action Plan: An Overview          

                                                                                                Abraham Ayalew


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Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights Vol I