International Visiting Researcher

  1. Program overview

The Center for Human Rights is an autonomous academic unit of Addis Ababa University engaged in multidisciplinary human rights teaching, research and community services. Since its establishment in 2008, the Center has been working in the area of human rights promotion, teaching-learning, research and provision of community services (such as legal aid).

Currently, the Center in collaboration with the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Swedish Development Cooperation (Sida), is implementing a project entitled “Teaching, Research and Community Engagement”. The project aims to contribute to better protection of constitutional rights and human rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, workers and migrants through capacity development and empowerment of state agencies and civil society organizations.

As part of its initiative of policy and action collaboration and diffusion, the Center in 2019 intends to engage one international researcher in activities of the above mentioned project, offer opportunity for learning from the practice of promotion and protection of human rights in Ethiopia and create opportunities for mutual knowledge and experience exchange among the researcher and students, academic and project staff of the Center.

  1. Eligibility

Applicants to the international visiting researcher program must:

  • Possess PhD or be a PhD candidate (in the fields of human rights, law, political science, philosophy, peace and security studies, sociology, or anthropology) at the time of application.
  • Pursue an independent research project on issues related to constitutional rights and promotion and protection of the rights of women, children, persons with disability, workers or migrants.
  • Be able to participate in teaching and project activities of the center as assigned by person in charge of management of the program.
  • Have interest in identifying future collaborative research.
  • Be able to undertake tasks in programs run with English as a medium of instruction.                                                                                                       
  1. Tasks and responsibilities

The researcher is expected to carry out the following major tasks:

  • Deliver a formal lecture to MA and PhD Students of the Center;
  • Engage in formal and informal discussion with students of the Center;
  • Participate in departmental or interdisciplinary programs;
  • Undertake collaborative research with academic and or the project staff;
  • Identify research topics and write research proposals in human rights (focus on the rights of women, children, persons with disability, workers or migrants);
  • Identify opportunity for new partnership or joint research;
  • Participate in exchange of lessons and present findings and
  • Submit report on her/his experience of the visit and tasks accomplished.                                                                                                                  
  1. Duration of the Program

The visiting international researcher will be accepted on a competitive basis for a period of 21 days that run from 11 October – 01 November, 2019.

  1. Application process

Application and inquiries regarding the program should be sent to Kuribachew Hailu, Executive Assistance to Lead Coordinator, Email:

To apply, submit a cover letter explaining why the Center for Human Rights is an appropriate setting for her/his visiting international scholarship, brief description of activities she/he intends to carry out during her/his stay at the Center, current curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from home university or institution.

  1. Timeline

Call launch: 24 September 2019

Application should be sent by email to the coordinator before 03 October 2019

      7. Obligations of the Center

The Center will:

  • Cover all travel expenses (return air ticket and local transportation as necessary).
  • Provide daily allowance and accommodation.
  • Assign two individuals: one academic and one project staff so as to facilitate the program.
  • Assist visitor in facilitating entry to Ethiopia.


Note: (The Center will not cover any costs other than those stated clearly here)

If accepted, the visitor will receive letter of acceptance from Director of the Center for Human Rights.


Center for Human Rights

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Telephone: +251 111 223783