Learning, partnership, and Capacity Development

The sub-project includes three important components- training staff of the centre on certain key skills to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the project, building and strengthening partnerships, and monitoring and evaluating the effective operations of the project.

The most important sub-project activities include carrying out a baseline study, periodic evaluation to monitor implementation of activities, organizing events to mark significant human right days, disseminate informative materials on activities of the center and organize a consultative forum that regularly monitors the performance of the project as well as the center.

It will also be responsible recruiting the necessary project staff, organize biannual staff meetings, and consult planning, administering and evaluating and mobilizing resources. And this is expected to tap into the power and potential of peer-to-peer learning and it also helps to consider the different needs and characteristics of all Sub-projects.

Within each of these activities it is expected that there will be a successful design and implementation of the activities of the project and ensure that significant stakeholders are engaged in the design and evaluation of the project activities.