MA Program Description

The Center for Human Rights has been delivering MA in human rights program since 2009. The program sets the goal of becoming an interdisciplinary graduate degree program of excellence in the field of human rights.

In this program, the Center aspires to produce graduates who are excellent in the field of interdisciplinary human rights. The MA program is designed to enable students develop their knowledge and analytical skills on interdisciplinary human rights issues of local and global nature. To such end, the program engages Academics and researchers from various disciplines including law, political science, philosophy, sociology and economics.

Objectives of The Program

In general, the program aims to train high-level professionals in the field of human rights qualified to work as academics, staff members or field workers for Inter-Governmental, Governmental

Program Duration and Structure

The normal duration of the program is one and a half years. It comprises thesis and non-thesis stream. The program incorporates diverse perspectives on Human Rights from various disciplines mainly from Law, Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology and Economics.

Overall, a student is required to complete 98 ECTS for the non-thesis stream and 99.5 ECTS for the thesis stream (with 69.5 ECTS taken in modular work and 30 ECTS assigned for thesis work). The study program envisages active student participation through reading assignments, short essays, group and individual projects and written examinations. Students are also expected to be active in extracurricular activities within the Center and outside.

Graduation Award

Masters of Arts in Human Rights degree is awarded at the end of completion of the program.

Learning and Teaching Approach

All modules will be delivered through an intensive block teaching system during which all activities relating to the course shall be completed.

Language of Instruction

The language of instruction for this program is English