Multidisciplinary Human Rights Teaching and Training

This sub-project focuses on human rights education and training. Under this sub-project there are three major activities:

  1. Curriculum development for multidisciplinary academic programs

Two postgraduate level multidisciplinary academic programs in human rights will be designed and launched. The scope of the programs may focus on such issues as children’s rights or good governance and human rights. The programs intend to graduate highly qualified professionals who combine a thorough knowledge on human rights with understanding about and skills to address human rights and social problems including those faced by vulnerable communities such as labourers, migrants, women, and children.

  1. Providing specialized human rights training

In the course of this three-year project, six short-term training courses on various human rights issues will be organised. The trainings target high and mid-level government and civil society leaders and officials who will acquire higher awareness of human rights and increased knowledge about and skills to address specialized human rights issues. The precise training topics will be determined by the outcome of a comprehensive baseline study, including various stakeholders, conducted at the onset of the project. Two courses will be organized in each of Years I, II, and III.  Each course will have at least 15 participants and a total of at least 90 participants of which at least 45 will be women will be trained.

  1. Human rights teaching materials and textbook production

In the course of the project, five textbooks/teaching materials will be prepared. The textbooks will deal with strategic issues identified by the Centre for Human Rights and will strengthen the multidisciplinary study of human rights at the Centre and at other universities. The added value of these textbooks is considerable since they are locally produced, which enable them to integrate contextualized human rights knowledge with existing social and human rights problems.