Policy and practice collaboration and Diffusion Sub-project

The policy and practice collaboration and diffusion Sub-project is one of the sub-projects mainly designed to create a forum for national policy dialogue, establish mechanisms to collect and disseminate data relevant to improve the state of human rights and bring about best experiences.

Eight main activities are covered under this sub-project. These are, organizing policy dialogue forums, publication of biannual e-newsletter, organizing experience sharing and networking workshops, organizing study tour programs, hosting international students and researches and providing technical and financial support to projects working towards promotion and protection of human rights.

Components of the sub-project are expected to facilitate and promote exchange of information, experiences and good practices among policy makers, academics, experts and CSOs. In addition, it highlights good practices and gaps in national legislative and implementation measures.

The sub-project also strives to create a platform for pertinent stakeholders so they systematically reflect their views and perspectives in research and policy development as well as build collaboration for change.

Through the implementation of the sub-project activities, the center expects better collaboration, dialogue and coordinated action among stakeholders that will contribute to law and policy reform for the betterment of human rights promotion and protection.