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Bi-Annual E-Newsletter   

The Center for Human Rights is established with the mission of promoting human rights through multidisciplinary research, training and community service programs.
The Center for Human Rights was established in October 2008 as part of Addis Ababa University’s epistemological and structural shift from a primarily undergraduate studies’ institution to a research-oriented graduate university. Bi-Annual E-newsletter full information

The Center for Human Rights (CHR) is one of the academic units of Addis Ababa University. It is now implementing a three years project in collaboration with the government of Norway and Sweden (Sida). Among the major activities that is planned and executed in this year of the project is publication of electronic bi-annual e-newsletter. Accordingly, the E-newsletter issue includes; International Women’s Day, Training on the Rights of Ethnic Minorities, Consultative Workshop, Local Advisory Committees and Success Story.      NEWSLETTER