Project STRACE

Support to Teaching, Resarch and Community Services

The Project to Support the Human Rights Teaching, Research and Community Engagement of CHR (Project STRACE) aims at ensuring the respect of all human rights of all Ethiopians; the Project sets three interrelated goals:  State agencies will have increased capacity to respect human rights and to protect the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, workers and migrants; Civil Society Organizations will be empowered to be active actors in human rights promotion and in protecting the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, workers, and migrants; and the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, workers and migrants will be better protected.

To contribute to the realization of these goals, the Project will carry out activities that are grouped under four Sub-Projects: Multidisciplinary Human Rights Teaching and Training; Policy and Practice Collaboration and Diffusion; Community Based Human Rights Promotion and Protection; and Learning, Partnerships and Capacity Development.  The Project will launch two new graduate level human rights education programs, provide short term specialized training on human rights, produce textbooks for the multidisciplinary teaching of human rights, organize policy dialogue forums, promote the multidisciplinary engagement of human rights, train and support community based organizations to engage in human rights promotion and protection, and provide legal and related services to members of disadvantaged social groups. Research activities carried out in collaboration with relevant stakeholders will serve as feedback mechanism among the different activities and components of the Project. The Project also establishes mechanisms for the diffusion of its model among other actors.


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