Research and Publication

The Center for Human Rights’ focus in research and publications concentrates on certain thematic areas where the Centre aspires to deliver strategic contributions to the study, promotion and effective implementation of human rights in Ethiopia. The state of knowledge of human rights in Ethiopia conspicuously features the absence of primary textbooks in human rights and the national human rights system, inadequacy of research outputs on the normative and practical aspects of human rights, and a significant dearth of national and thematic human rights assessments by independent institutions. Through research and publications, the Center for Human Rights aspires to attend to these lingering problems both in policy setting and implementation of human rights, and hence bridge the gap in the national human rights jurisprudence.

The Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights

The Center for Human Rights publishes the Ethiopian Journal of Human Rights. This annual periodical publishes on diverse themes in close collaboration with stakeholders; it also presents a methodological analysis of reports by national human rights institutions within the framework of a broader program that aims at improving the understanding of human rights in Ethiopia.

To send us your contributions please contact the Editor-in-Cheif Meron Zeleke (Ph.D.) at her email address:

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The Center for Human Rights also publishes books on various issues related to human rights. The full list and the soft copy of the publications will soon be made available at this site.


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